Army-2021: Rostec presents Listva remote mine clearance vehicle

The Ruselectronics holding of the Rostec State Corporation presented the Listva (Foliage) remote mine-clearing machine to foreign specialists at the Army-2021 forum. The vehicle, developed by the Kaskad KPZ, allows the search and elimination of explosive devices at a distance of up to 100 meters using a system based on electromagnetic and induction means.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
Foliage remote mine clearance vehicle (Picture source: Rostec)

MDR "Foliage" can be used as the lead vehicle for demining in convoys of armored vehicles, engineering troops, as well as to ensure the safety of humanitarian convoys: “The main purpose of Listva is to detect mine explosive devices, destroy engineering ammunition and improvised explosive devices,” noted Viktor Kladov, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy of Rostec. "MDR is capable of providing full protection for the following convoy, in fact replacing an entire sapper unit."

Within the framework of the forum, the vehicle has already been evaluated by representatives of ten foreign delegations. The main interest is a microwave emitter, with the help of which the detected charges equipped with electronic elements are cleared. The radiation "burns" the electronics of the explosive device, which renders the ammunition unusable. If a pressurized mine is found, the crew, which includes sappers, makes a decision on controlled detonation or demining of the ammunition.

To neutralize artisanal explosive devices made with mobile phones, MDR "Foliage" is capable of emitting radio signals at frequencies typical of civilian electronics. Due to this, the detonation of the ammunition occurs at a safe distance, when the mine enters the range of the emitters of the demining vehicle.

Army Recognition Official Show Daily News and Web TV UMEX 2020 925 001
Foliage remote mine clearance vehicle displayed at Army-2018 with its front demining device deployed (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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